Movewell® Body Check-Up

Movewell® Body Check-Up

Do you cover the basics to live pain free and withstand the demands life puts on you at any given time? Are you having symptoms already that keep you from performing at your best?


  • medical history (blood counts, hormone screens, MRI's, x-rays etc.)
  • medical-therapeutic anamnesis
  • posture and movement analysis
  • movement screen (weight-bearing tests)
    • mobility & stability 
    • coordination, integrity, motor control, postural control
    • movement intelligence 
    • strength & resilence  
  • summary, recommendations & conclusions (PDF included)
  • a One-on-One session with Martin Strietzel
  • Note: unless physiotherapy was specifically prescribed to you by your physician, you always start with the Movewell® Body Check-Up
  • the Movewell® Body Check-Up is the initial consultation that will help us find what to prioritize and when – whether we need to work on your health (including physiotherapy, posture and alignment corrections, habit optimization, basic nutrition and overall movement) first, or whether we can focus on your sports performance and fitness level
  • the 90 minutes session is held in German or English and is carried out ONLINE (Zoom)
  • online-session: at your place; you would need to provide enough light and a space of 3x2 meters to make every assessment possible
  • Experience the Body Check-Up

    Our objective is to evaluate and optimize your health and movement competency as you depend on it on a daily basis – be it in sports, daily living or job life. 


    The following questions may get answered by the end of the Body Check-Up:

    • Am I plagued by health issues – what's causing me problems?
    • Where do my physical strengths and weaknesses lie?
    • How well do I handle physical tasks beyond my comfort zone?
    • Do my current health and fitness protocol help me achieve my long-term goals? 


    A 90 minutes session will provide us with sufficient information on your current state of health as its the very basis for fitness and performance. By the end of the session you’ll receive a summary and all necessary conclusions, so that you can pull the right strings towards greater health and fitness.

  • Refund Policy

    We insure that the purchased item gets fully refunded as long as the buyer did not:

    • send back the 3 obligatory documents (1) Consent Data Protection, (2) Health History, (3)  Reason for Visit – as it's required up to 48 hours before the appointment
    • Cancel the scheduled live or online appointment within 24 hours before beginning
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