Movewell® Extra Time

Movewell® Extra Time

As the following services might exceed the regular 60 minutes sessions or might be of shorter duration, we added this service to our list:

  1. Movewell® Private Physiotherapy
  2. Movewell® Fitness Coaching
  3. Movewell® Home Office
  4. Movewell® Nutrition Counseling
  • this service is used by clients who happen to take up less or more time than the regular 60 minutes per session
  • the service amount covers 10 minutes
  • Experience Movewell® Fitness Coaching

    As well-being and the absence of pain and physical complaints seems to be the foundation for fitness skills of every kind to arise, the Movewell® Fitness Coaching begins where Movewell® Body Check-Up cleared the ground for. You’ll learn to move your body effortlessly throughout every physical position possible – rolling, kneeling, crawling, standing, walking, carrying and transitioning. We will work dedicatedly to establish a solid platform for you to excel your movement and fitness skills whilst keeping an eye on joint and spine protection, your individual physiology and anatomy, goals and daily requirements. Learning how to lift and carry heavy weights properly, running with full integrity and jumping with little to non effort isn’t reserved for elite athletes – it is a skill that everybody can learn at any given time!

  • Refund Policy

    We insure that the purchased item gets fully refunded as long as the buyer did not:

    • send back the 3 obligatory documents (1) Consent Data Protection, (2) Health History, (3)  Reason for Visit – as it's required up to 48 hours before the appointment
    • Cancel the scheduled live or online appointment within 24 hours before beginning
15,00 €Price