Movewell® Physiotherapy (General Health Insurance)

Movewell® Physiotherapy (General Health Insurance)

Being well and pain-free is a matter of choice. With the right tools in hand and a holistic skill set at our disposal, we will help you breathe and move freely. 


  • Medical-therapeutic anamnesis 
  • Posture and movement analysis
  • Pain management 
  • Anti-inflammation treatment (manual lymphatic drainage)
  • Corrective strategies & movement coaching
  • Rehab programs


  • this 60€ fee is the out-of-pocket payment that we charge additionally to the one-time prescription fee; it covers every appointment within the prescription
  • this service is reserved for clients who are with a general health insurance provider and who are prescribed physiotherapy by their physican
  • you must submit a copy of the prescription via email prior to handing it over at your first appointment
  • the 60 minutes session is held in German or English and is carried out live
  • live-session: at our facility in Berlin Charlottenburg/ Berlin Prenzlauer Berg, or if suitable at your home
  • Experience Movewell® Physiotherapy

    Our holistic physiotherapy approach does not only focus on the treatment of symptoms such as movement limitations, relieving postures, neurologies and pain, it's especially dedicated to finding the cause of the problems. With our therapy system that is tailored to you, and, if necessary, medical support, we will make sure that you can return to your regular routine in life and sports as soon as possible. Since we partner with professionals in rehabilitative medicine, orthopaedics, endocrinology as well as nutrition scientists, we can claim to help you the way you deserve.


    • Acute traumata & sports injuries
    • SI joint pain, lumbar spine disorders
    • Complaints of the musculoskeletal system & visceral pain
    • Shoulder and neck disorders & impingements
    • Posture & alignment correction
    • chronic pain
  • Refund Policy

    We insure that the purchased item gets fully refunded as long as the buyer did not:

    • send back the 3 obligatory documents (1) Consent Data Protection, (2) Health History, (3)  Reason for Visit – as it's required up to 48 hours before the appointment
    • Cancel the scheduled live or online appointment within 24 hours before beginning
65,00 €Price