Movewell® Home Office

Movewell® Home Office

Do you seek solutions to get your work done from home efficiently, yet without compromizing your physical health and fitness?


  • Get screening on posture, ergonomics and movement at your desk
  • Create a movement-rich environment at home
  • Increase your work capacity by learning proper breathing techniques, relaxation techniques as well as stretching, movement and strength breaks
  • Learn to work at a standing desk or on a solution that perfectly fits your physical and mental needs
  • a One-on-One session with Martin Strietzel / Carsten Guettich
  • this service is recommended for clients who work from home or from their offices predominantly sedentarily; it is derived from our nationally-wide certified prevention seminar called Fit@Work
  • you are obliged to pay in advance to receive this service, however, there might be a chance of you getting the service reimbursed by your company – please keep this in mind
  • every 60 minutes session is held in German or English and is carried out as ONLINE consultation (Zoom)
  • we would like to do the One-on-One session whilst you're in front of your work space
  • Experience Movewell® Home Office Ergonomics

    For many it is luxury, for many a burden to work from home. Since the pandemic we have to keep up with the physical and mental challenges at home, yet in an environment that might not serve best to keep yourself productive, creative and healthy. Movewell® Home Office (Ergonomics) is derived from our nationally-wide accepted and approved company prevention program called Fit@Work. It’s become the quintessence of 15 hours of seminar volume packed in only 1 up to 3 hours, yet with the benefit of turning a group program into a One on One session. The One on One helps us to assess your work place behavior and makes us find the best solutions for the time working and the time taking breaks in order for you to stay energized, focused and healthy.

  • Refund Policy

    We insure that the purchased item gets fully refunded as long as the buyer did not:

    • send back the 3 obligatory documents (1) Consent Data Protection, (2) Health History, (3)  Reason for Visit – as it's required up to 48 hours before the appointment
    • Cancel the scheduled live or online appointment within 24 hours before beginning
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