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Movewell® BODY CHECK UP live

  • 2 hr
  • 249 Euro
  • Lehderstraße

Service Description

WE CAN MEET YOU AT YOUR HOME OR OFFICE IN BERLIN! THE MOVEWELL® BODY CHECK UP IS MADE FOR EVERYBODY WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHERE TO START AND WHAT TO DO HEALTH AND FITNESS-WISE. The BCU has been our bestseller for more than 8 years for a reason. Clients get to know themselves surprisingly well within those 90+ minutes as we look thoroughly for structural problems, movement impairments, mobility and stability deficits as well as overall health factors such as blood, nutrition, intolerances, habits, sleep and hormones. Within the same session we put those findings together, show you exactly what you need to work on and make sense of it to your better understanding. Do you cover the basics to live pain free and withstand the demands life puts on you at any given time? Are you having symptoms already that keep you from performing at your best? ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– medical history (blood counts, hormone screens, MRI's, x-rays etc.) medical-therapeutic anamnesis manual hands-on tests posture and movement analysis movement screen (weight-bearing tests) mobility & stability  coordination, integrity, motor control, postural control movement intelligence  strength & resilience   summary, recommendations & conclusions (PDF included) ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– ➔ unless physiotherapy was specifically prescribed to you by your physician, you always start with the MOVEWELL® BODY CHECK UP when working with us to become pain free or to reach your fitness and well-being goals ➔ the MOVEWELL® BODY CHECK UP is the initial consultation that will help us find what to prioritize and when – whether we need to work on your health (including physiotherapy, posture and alignment corrections, habit optimization, biomechanics and overall movement) first, or whether we can focus on your sports performance and fitness level ➔ the 120 minutes session is held in German or English and is carried out LIVE ➔ an extra 30 minutes are spent on manual hands-on tests which cannot be provided in the MOVEWELL® BODY CHECK UP online ➔ bring flexible and loose clothes; shoes are not required - where? at our practice or your place - PLEASE BE AWARE THAT YOU MAY BE TOLD TO TAKE OFF CLOTHES FOR THE ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT

Contact Details

  • Lehderstraße 46A, Berlin, Germany


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