Martin Strietzel Portrait


Physiotherapist | Movement Coach

I’m driven by the belief that every individual can live well and pain free for years and decades to come with just the right tools in hand. Tools like proper knowledge about human health, nutrition, sleep, recovery, thoughts and emotions, hormones and last but not least, movement. When theoretical knowledge is established and followed by little action steps on a daily basis, marvellous things can occur. 

My enthusiasm for movement and sports started when I was in my early teens. Judo taught me discipline and helped me to develop will power. From swimming I took strength and endurance. For more than eleven years I was a basketball player and held the position as a point guard – a good training in acceleration, coordination and decision making. My experience in powerlifting gave me, well, power. In 2009 I swapped roles for the first time, from athlete to coach. I turned my passion into my profession – later also certified by state exam in physiotherapy and further education that I’ve been receiving constantly in the USA and Germany. I founded Movewell® in 2017 driven by my passion to help people learn to help themselves, so that they can live a fulfilling, pain-free and at least satisfying life.


  • Physiotherapist (MPhG)

  • Manual Therapist according Cyriax (INOMT)

  • Therapist for Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Lymphakademie Dt.)

  • Personal Trainer (NASM Academy CA,USA)

  • Trainer A licensed in Medical Fitness Training (IST)

  • Trainer A licensed CrossWorkouts (IST)

  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

  • Fundamental Capacity Screen (FCS)

  • Red Cross AED/CPR (CA,USA)

Carsten Guettich Portrait


Nutritionist | Workshop Lecturer

There’s no bigger fortune than being able to make one’s physical capacities available at any time, no matter the task or challenge. In my opinion, nutrition builds the very basis for that, as the saying goes: ‘You can’t train out a bad diet'.

From my childhood up to my adolescence I wasn’t interested in sports at all, except for my daily portion of ‘Rittersport’. Until my late teens, a well-balanced and whole food diet was none of my concerns. Simply nutrition that would give me supposed pleasure could satisfy me. With an age of 17 and a little overweight, I finally found a way that would turn my life around. Sports, more specifically, Martial Arts with its purpose and values, have shaped me ever since. Shortly after, I began to fulfil the obligatory community service in hospitals. Being confronted with ill and invalid people, I quickly understood the true value nutrition and movement have to offer for our health and well-being, and how undervalued it actually has been. Especially this service and the prevalence of nutrition-related diseases within my family have brought me closer to the subject nutrition until I decided to turn my basic understanding into knowledge by completing my undergraduate degree in ecotrophology. In the meantime, I’ve found a good balance in life in regard to my personal health. From a sports-related point of view, I’ve been using my bicycle to get from A to B. Even long distance tours by bicycle have become part of my life since 2014. What started reasonably small within Germany’s borders, has been expanded across its borders ever since I started — meanwhile I cycle through neighboring countries as well. Being off the road I practice No Gi Grappling and bodyweight fitness training that I’ve gotten to know and appreciate. Showing people that whole food nutrition has nothing to do with calorie counting or dieting is one of my major concerns. Moreover, educating people in nutritional behavior and giving them a basic understanding of the value and meaning fundamental nutrition is what I wish to do. I truly believe that the composition of nutrition, sports and relaxation enables each and every one of us to prevent chronic diseases and help maintain a healthy body throughout its lifespan.


  • B.Sc. Ecotrophology 

  • Intern at Charité Berlin, UKL Leipzig

  • Co-Leader "Fit@Work" Level 1-3

  • Co-Author "Movement Guide" (in progress)