A systematic approach to future-proof your body



You followed sufficient strategies to prevent movement restrictions and physical pain from becoming part of your daily living.


You had methods at your disposal that make you go through your day with more creativity, greater endurance and no fatigue.


You took action steps towards greater health and fitness with ease by knowing how to cover all the nutrients that you actually require; by becoming more passionate about daily activities and physical training; and by sleeping the way you’re designed to do so.


We had a system that takes care of all of those things – would you join the health path?

Movewell® – Physiotherapy | Health and Fitness Coaching



Our practice remains open and we keep continuing our services unrestrictedly. In order for you to ensure a safe and hygienic atmosphere, we’re obliged to wear face masks and follow the standardized hygiene protocol. When you come in for one of our services, you’re required to wear a face mask and follow the hygiene protocol as well. For those who prefer staying at home, no worries, we get you covered by providing every service also online.



As the writing on our second book has come to its semi-final phase where our scripts and designs get reviewed by our publisher, my team and I agreed upon implementing functional anatomy illustrations that makes the content more appealing and easier to understand. This is especially of great importance, as we cover movement basics and reveal physiological and anatomical advantages and disadvantages everyone of us has to deal with on a daily basis. This fundraiser will make it possible for us to get those unique illustrations made by our contracted designer. We appreciate your generous help greatly and in return we give away 10x published books and 10x 15min online Body Check-Ups. Thank you for helping us to finalize this project!



Martin Strietzel


Physiotherapist | Movement Coach

I’m driven by the belief that every individual can live well and pain free for years and decades to come with just the right tools in hand.

Carsten Guettich


Nutritionist | Workshop Lecturer

There’s no bigger fortune than being able to make one’s physical capacities available at any time, no matter the task or challenge. In my opinion, nutrition builds the very basis for that, as the saying goes: ‘You can’t train out a bad diet’.


Never run in place.
Stay up-to-date with medical science, techniques and methods to help others.




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